Company Overview

NBS has been built with the purpose of providing a seamless end to end process for project delivery by managing every aspect, from scoping and quoting to post completion management and maintenance.


Starting by building a detailed plan pinpointing the predicted start date, duration and estimated date of completion, NBS show exactly how the project will unfold. Rest assured that any unpredicted issues are handled without any compromise to our work.

We take care of all labour hire, equipment hire, licences and legal requirements.


A project feasibility analysis and cost plan will be built before any work has commenced and we will evaluate the practicality of the project, by looking at a number of items to ensure the success of the project. We incorporate all supplies, contractors, services and post completion maintenance, showing a precise breakdown of all expenses and what services they are allocated to.


NBS work with a number of reputable contractors which we have engaged with in the past, however if a specific supplier is preferred, we are more than happy to make this work.
Regular site surveys are conducted by not only our team, but our clients, to make sure that they are happy with the progress taking place. Communication is key.


Upon successful delivery the project, a comprehensive maintenance plan is built to ensure all assets are running smoothly and to prevent any unanticipated events from occurring. NBS will monitor and execute this plan based on regular intervals.

Our Services