Carbon accounting

Account for and report on scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, and get certified as carbon neutral

We help you chose the right accounting pathway for your needs and deliver a comprehensive accounting framework that can be used for internal analysis, shareholder and customer engagement or external certification.

Our carbon inventory services help our customers understand which lines of business contribute most to their carbon footprint, and direct their energy improvement activities to the areas that need them most.


Measure and Report

  • Understand the composition of your greenhouse gas footprint
  • Quantify your greenhouse gas footprint
  • Identify risks an opportunities associated with greenhouse gas reduction
  • Demonstrate the steps your organisation is taking to reduce climate impact
  • Share your account and actions with investors and customers


  • Purchase or create carbon offset certificates to offset residual emissions
  • Invest in energy generation projects to create certificates
  • Install energy generation equipment at your facilities

Get Certified

  • Undertake certification of your climate impact and actions
  • Local and international recognition for your climate strategy and implementation
  • Improve your brand recognition

Accounting scopes

Scope 1

Direct emissions from owned or controlled energy sources

Scope 2

Indirect emissions from purchased electricity and other energy sources

Scope 3

All upstream and downstream emissions in the company's supply chain

Our preferred carbon neutral certifications

Climate Active

Australian Government backed initiative

UN Climate Neutral Now

United Nations backed initiative


Carbon neutral certification

Carbon neutral certification is important for organisations looking to decarbonise their operations. There are two different pathways to certified carbon neutral. In this insight, we compare both Climate Active and Climate Neutral Now to enhance your understanding of the similarities and differences. Click here to learn more.

Climate Active certification

Climate Active is gaining traction in industry and government, with many organisations opting to impose an internal carbon price through the initiative, and offset all remaining emissions. We are helping companies achieve their first certification, and then working hand in hand to reduce scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions each year.

Download our updated 2022 Climate Active for Organisations Brochure to learn more about the standard and steps to achieve Climate Active carbon neutral.

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