Carbon Neutral Certification

Carbon neutral certification is a core pillar of unlocking new revenue streams for our customers

Before we talk about certification, lets talk about carbon neutrality itself.

What is carbon neutral?

How can I become carbon neutral?

What are the benefits?

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Reduce emissions
Carbon monoxide on cloud, pollution 
Remaining emissions
Offsets to eliminate remaining emissions


Zero emissions


There are two certifications we recommend, Climate Active and UN Climate Neutral Now. Each has core structural differences that are fundamental to how the certification is completed.

Climate Active

Australian Government backed initiative

UN Climate Neutral Now

United Nations backed initiative

When your business is certified carbon neutral, any other business or person procuring services and products from your business does not add to their scope 3 emissions.

Climate Active

Climate Active is an Australian government initiative which provides Australian businesses with an approved framework to undertake measurement, reporting and public disclosure of their carbon neutral status. It is Australia's collective initiative for climate action.

It is Australia's collective initiative for climate action that enables consumers, businesses, investors and government to confirm with confidence a carbon neutral claim has met a robust standard and is legitimate.

Once a business has achieved a status of Climate Active approved, it is able to use the trademark and logo on its branding.

Organisations that have achieved Climate Active approval are able to provide services to other businesses and consumers without increasing their scope 3 emissions, a highly valuable commodity where others are attempting to achieve carbon neutrality.


Maintaining certification is an ongoing annual process.

  • Sign a license agreement (lasts two years)
  • Use an appropriate method to calculate carbon emissions from all scope 1 and 2 emissions, and select relevant scope 3 emissions to account for
  • Develop a strategy to reduce emissions over time without the use of offsets
  • Purchase offsets to eliminate any residual emissions
  • Independently verify carbon emissions calculations and carbon neutral claim
  • Create and sign a public disclosure statement to publish on your own website and social feeds and the Climate Active website

UN Climate Neutral Now

The Climate Neutral Now initiative was launched in 2015 and has evolved since then to become a tool for raising awareness, promoting and facilitating the estimation of carbon footprints, engaging in energy efficiency activities and voluntary offsetting.

The focus of the initiative is to promote sustainable long term transition for those who cannot achieve carbon neutral operations immediately. There is no annual membership fee to participate.


Maintaining certification is an ongoing annual process.

  • Sign the pledge to indicate your intent to achieve climate neutral
  • Quantify your emissions through a carbon inventory
  • Build an emissions reduction plan and implement projects over time
  • Optionally, contribute to an approved offset project to become carbon neutral
  • Publicly disclose progress to the UN and your stakeholders

In contrast to Climate Active, you do not need to currently be carbon neutral to achieve certification, you can pledge to take action and achieve different levels of certification based on your achievements each year.

Our Own UN Climate Neutral Now

Metimur Energy is completing its climate neutral now pledge